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There are ways to reduce or minimize the onset of back pain

If you've ever suffered from back pain, you know the constant pain can be debilitating and make daily life difficult, if it is not managed properly.

Back pain may result from a recent injury, surgery, poor ergonomics in the home and workplace or other circumstances.

Talk to your doctor, a physical therapist, or, if available, a health coach, to discuss your existing and target pain levels. Together, map out your goals and create a plan to get there.

There are ways to reduce or minimize the onset of back pain

  • Incorporate movement into your daily life. You don’t need a gym, just walk more and avoid quick twists of your body
  • Set a goal to try to reduce 5 pounds a month if you think you’re overweight. Even small improvements on your weight can have big benefits in reducing the strain on your joints and muscles
  • If you sit most of the day at work, take a break every two hours to stretch and walk around. Also, sit straight in your chair and place some support for your back, such as using a small pillow or rolling up a towel and placing it behind your lower back.
  • If possible, avoid lifting heavy things over your head and to the side, which places great strain on your back. Also, if you’re not flexible, don’t bend over at your waist to pick something up, better to bend your knees as you lift something from the floor.

Interested in Trying Health Coaching?

To find out if you qualify for health coaching at no cost to you as part of a wellness program, contact your human resources department.

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